Yes, The Tower Is Still Leaning

When asked my traveling itinerary, without fail, each time I said “Pisa”, people looked at me like I had two heads. Why Pisa?! There’s nothing to do in Pisa. Guess what. That is entirely correct. However, my only reason for stopping here was because I found a cheap flight back to the UK from Pisa’s International Airport. So hey, I took 20 hours to explore the tiny city. 

First, I arrived at my bed and breakfast. For the same price as some of my hostel dorms, I was given my own bedroom (HALLELUJAH) and a widespread choice of items for breakfast, along with freshly brewed espresso. The owner, Luca, was gracious enough to let me check in at 10am since my train arrived so early. Also, the key to my room was antique and I have been so deprived of a quiet room, that it felt fairytale-esque to me each time I unlocked my door.  


I took some down time upon arriving to the B&B, enjoying coffee on the little patio outside during a light rainstorm. It was only the second time I saw rain during spring break! I was very fortunate with weather over the past three weeks. 

Once the rain stopped, I trekked across the city to see what the small city centre had to offer. I stopped for gelato (obviously) at the oldest patisserie in Pisa. Salza was founded in 1898 and boy was the chocolate rich. Not complaining though!  


Next stop was the renowned “Leaning Tower”. Smaller than I expected, but placed in a beautiful plaza next to a cathedral and baptisms dome. I needed a good laugh so I entertained myself by collecting photos of people doing the typical “holding up the tower” pose. I didn’t get caught snapping a pic of them even once. These people were really into it.  


 On my way back through town, I stopped for a sandwich at a place I’d heard had the freshest ingredients. Il Crudo had a wide selection of meats, cheeses, veggies, and spreads. My eyes were bigger than my stomach and I got the large sandwich but could only finish half! Let me tell you though, freshly cut Tuscan ham, mozzarella, tomatoes, lettuce, and a basil spread… Ohhh my. Even the pigeons wanted a bite.  


I headed back to the B&B for a relaxing night in bed. Fun fact, Italy doesn’t have Netflix so I opted for watching Fear Factor on YouTube. 

This morning, I got up, downed a few shots of espresso and headed off to the airport. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to snuggle with my red fuzzy blanket again, wash my clothes in something other than a sink, and have leggings that aren’t stretched out and sagging down my legs. It’s the little things.

Now to wrap up all of my semester’s assignments… Wish me luck!



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