Don’t Get Jet Lag from Life

You know the feeling – the one you get when you return from a great trip. Be it a short weekend away or a long exquisite vacation… there’s a sluggish, languid feeling you get when you’re forced to return to the mundane normalities of life. Even the small things such as unpacking a suitcase feel unpleasant. When your mindset is on “vacation time”, the jet lag can be more than just a time zone change.

While being back at my mom’s house has been great (I’ve gotten more hugs and kisses from my little siblings than I had in a long time), I must admit it’s been a strange transition. After five months on a new continent, traveling to new cities every few weeks, sipping wine, and climbing mountains, it was really tough to come back to the quaint Amish town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I’m now spending hours every day doing online summer classes and working at my summer job six days per week. In just a little while, I’ll be packing up my car once more for the trip back down to my home, the beautiful beach town of Wilmington, North Carolina (check out the pictures below). It’ll be another search for a part time job and before I know it, August will be here with my fall semester in tow. Here’s the thing, although my life requires me to work around 30 hours a week in order to help pay my bills and go to college five days a week to get my degree, I want to use the spare time I do have to explore.

Sure, I’ve seen Dublin and Paris and Barcelona and Rome. But I’ve never hiked the woody forests of Asheville or explored the city streets of Charlotte or hang glided in Kitty Hawk. There are so many things in the state that I now call home that I haven’t yet seen or done. I might not be halfway across the world anymore, but I know there’s a little something called southern charm that I’ve only seen bits and pieces of. And I want more.

If there’s one thing I learned while I was abroad and talking to people, it’s that so many of those that I met had seen the world but hadn’t really seen much of the state or country where they call “home”. I noticed the reoccurrence so many times that it really stuck out to me and I decided I didn’t want to ever be one of those people. And here’s a mind blowing fact –  it’s even cheaper than traveling abroad.

So, if you don’t have money for a hotel lodge in the Swiss Alps, stay in a cozy cottage in the Appalachians! I think it’s so important to appreciate what’s just a few hours away from us just as much as we appreciate the other side of the world. Different cultures and different people are out there. Some are closer than you think. Stay tuned.. I just might occasionally blog about the adventures that I find in my own backyard.



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